Welcome to Hotel Le-Chandelier

Experience a dazzling transformation of Hotel Le-Chandelier. You’ll enjoy an expansive revitalization of the hotel’s lobby and restaurant. Well- positioned in the heart of downtown Bujumbura, the hotel puts you within steps of Center City institutions such as Banks, renowned dining, and vibrant nightlife. We are offering you an Amazing view of the mountains, and located 15 minutes from the Airport and the Beach..

physical Address :

Avenue de La J.R.R. N˚18
BP 6393
Bujumbura- BURUNDI
Email : info@hotel-lechandelier.com
Bur : 22 27 68 04/ 22 27 68 03
24/24 Cell : 78 321 292

Hôtel Le-Chandelier will ensure that you have an awesome stay .Everything has been designed and built around the needs of our guests. But our number one priority remains focus on your well-being and safety. We invite each one of our guest towards experiencing “The Burundian Hospitality”.
Le-Chandelier is located at Avenue of JRR. Moreover,It is also placed near the Clinic. You will also find most of the international organization such as UNESCO, the PTAbank. In regard to your financial needs, there are several banks available :IBB, KCB, BRB, CRD ,and BANCOBU.

If you are looking for the best balance between hospitality,comfort, service,and price. Le Chandelier is there for you.

From a tailored furniture, free Wi-Fi, up to the new equipment, everything has been designed around the needs of our clients.Come yourself to experience it !

The hotel also offers some unique hosting packages from family and friends. For your weddings, we have personalized the Honeymoon moment.

***Mode of Payment :

Cash ,credit card ( Visa,Mastercard), Bank transfer( Fees might be added by the Bank)